Point2StreetAddressUK software allows you to track assets or people in the UK.  It reads longitude and latitude co-ordinates in the world geographical reference system (WGS84 geoid) to fix the location of a GPS receiver on the ground.  The co-ordinates can either be sent in almost real-time using telecommunication link to a server or stored in the GPS receiver until the asset returns to base when data can be downloaded to a server using BlueTooth links. The software finds the nearest full street address to a location and typically returns a text string containing a unique identifier, date, time, street name, suburb, town, district, county, country and postcode.Modern GPS receivers can specify location to within a few metres on the ground and can record location every second.  As most people are unable to interpret the co-ordinates without referring to a map, Point2StreetAddress software let you specify a location by the full street address.  This is readily understood and gives a description of the location of an asset or person. Co-ordinates are captured automatically by satellite GPS receivers in vehicles, mobile phones and devices attached to valuable assets.  An asset or person can be tracked 24/7 except when they are underground or in a building. Point2StreetAddress software converts the GPS records to a location specified by a text string and creates a sequential list of street addresses. The list enables police or other security personnel to track and understand where an asset has been driven.  Street address, date, time and unique identifier allows you to track movements over a selected period and replay them.The Point2StreetAddress software is especially valuable for security and insurance companies, businesses operating a fleet of vehicles or having valuable equipment on sites throughout the UK. The software can be used in near real-time mode or off-line mode. The near real-time mode assumes that the GPS data is sent by telecommunications link to a server as soon as an asset is moved out of a ring-fenced site or neighbourhood. Receipt of such a message triggers monitoring every 15 seconds or so. The location of the asset or person can be viewed using browser software to link to the server and read the near real-time data as it arrives. For a given unique identifier of the GPS receiver, the data is a sequential list of date, time, street name, suburb, town, county, country and postcode where the asset has been transported.   Police can be alerted to recover the asset.The off-line mode involves storing the GPS data on the asset. When the asset returns to base, the data is automatically downloaded to a server using BlueTooth wireless connectivity. The data is stored temporally on a server before it is checked, indexed and compressed and stored in a database management system.  When there is an issue regarding an asset, the logs for that asset can be retrieved and reviewed with special software tools to facilitate the review. These tools highlight where an asset has been, when it was moved and the route which was followed. For example, if an asset was a valuable vehicle and there has been a claim for insurance as a result of a collision with another vehicle, the veracity of a claim can be verified independently by studying the logs of where a vehicle has been and at what time it was at the location of a collision.The Point2StreetAddress software in off-line mode provides independent evidence of where a vehicle has been and on which date and time it has been there. Thsi information is particularly valuable for car, truck, earth moving equipment and other valuable asset rental companies, insurance, security and other businesses.  As satellite GPS receivers have become mass market products and prices have fallen significantly for basic GPS receivers, new markets for the Point2StreetAddress software have included monitoring farm animals and equipment. The technological solution works equally well with monitoring people who have been fitted with appropriate devices to record their locations.Features Point2StreetAddressSoftware reads longitude and latitude co-ordinates and returns nearest street name, suburb, town, district, county, country and postcode in UK.Database SolutionPoint2StreetAddress software has been designed and impemented using a relation database management system.Storage of AddressesStores in compressed format the locations visited every three minutes by full street addresses in the UK.Creates an IndexData can be retrieved quickly using unique identifier of asset, date, time and geographical area of interest.Builds of Log for Each AssetBuilds and stores a log for each asset on a continual basis so that the asset can be tracked as and when required to replay its movements in chosen period.